Provide real value for your followers

Most of us are very happy to get recommendations from our friends and family since we know they have our best interest in mind when they bring something up. 


In an ideal world this is also the case with influencers but the current pay-to-play landscape can sometimes jeopardize that.


Phaver is a platform for sharing all your real favourites that delight your followers, while also providing an easy way to earn money with referral codes and links. You can either add your own ones or let us automatically add some, allowing you to focus on curation, not monetization. 

What should I share?

Phaver has a flexible structure allowing you to share anything from products to apps to local services, just make sure to only add things you wholeheartedly recommend. 


You can also use #tags to categorize recommendations or make them more discoverable in the search, making it even easier for people to find things they’ll enjoy as well. 


For each favourite you need to answer the question “why is this one of my favourite things?”, use this opportunity to explain why you love it. You can also add suitable images that fit your personal brand or use one found from the brand website. 

How does it work?

Create a profile with some basic information and links to your other social profiles.

Add the first set of things you want to share, as well as any referral codes or links you may already have for them. Adding your own high quality images can help boost the conversion rate and also get you featured elsewhere in the platform.

When everything looks good, you can share the link to your profile in your other channels like Instagram to let people know they should check your Phaver profile.

Users who click on your link are directed to your profile where they can follow you for future updates or click on the items to find out more or purchase something.

We’ll track the metrics on your profile and let you know how you’re doing and how to improve. If we were able to monetize some of your links we’ll pay out any earnings frequently, if you used your own codes you are rewarded directly by the program in question.

Keep adding new favourites and reminding your followers across channels, you can also link directly to a new recommendation instead of the profile page. 







Why join now?

Phaver is launching in alpha mode during December 2019. This means we won’t have all the features yet but also gives you a unique chance to affect what features we build next, furthermore, as one of the first pilot users you’ll receive a lot of organic visibility on the site and can amass a much larger follower base in the long term.


As a part of our Founding Circle you get personal service from the Phaver team, additional organic and curated visibility on the platform and you get to be one of the first to delight your followers with a curated view of things you’re passionate about.



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