About Us

Phaver is a new way to share your favourite things with your friends and followers in one easy place. Next time you bring something you enjoy up with friends, whether it’s a cool new app, really comfy shoes or your favourite coffee shop, share the goodness with more people by adding it to your profile as well. For any products with referral codes you can add those into the recommendation and ensure everyone gets the perks involved. 


Phaver also features a User Rewards program which means the best recommenders will be rewarded with cash based on the purchases driven by their posts. While the biggest reason to share is helping others discover better things and finding new ones in return, especially for individuals with a lot of existing followers on other social channels, Phaver can be a sustainable source of income. Check the Influencers page for more information. 


We are based in the start-up hub of Helsinki, Finland but work hard to serve users around the world. We’re a new company, though, so we really appreciate feedback on anything you might be missing, just reach out to info@phaver.com and we’ll do our best to respond fast.

Phaver Oy, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki, Finland      info@phaver.com

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